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No matter when you need to file a claim, you'll be able to reach us. There's never a convenient time for disaster or accidents to happen, so turn to us when you need help. Just call:

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If you’ve been involved in an accident or have property damage and feel you need to file a claim please call us or use our company directory to report a claim.


If this is an emergency please call 911.

Auto Claims

Refer a friend to our home, auto, or business insurance, and get a gift card for yourself!

• Report all losses

• Contact AIM to report

• Report even if you're far from home

• Report no matter who's at fault

• Notify us if it's just auto glass damage

Homeowner's Loss

• Notify the police in case of fire or crime

• Report the loss to AIM or your provider

• Make temporary repairs

• Keep damaged items

• Create an inventory

Auto claims Temporary repairs Icon2 Vermont Mutual

Claims: 1.800.987.3373

Billing: 1.800.382.2150


Claims: 1.800.435.0397

Billing: 1.800.451.5000

Claims: 1.888.523.5545

Billing: 1.888.523.5545

United States Liability

Claims: 1.800.252.4633

Billing: 1.800.842.5075

Claims: 1.800.243.5860

Billing: 1.800.423.6789

Claims: 1.888.523.5545

Billing: 1.888.523.5545

Travelers The Hartford The Andover Companies

Main: 866-455-9969

Flood: 877-348-0552

Claims: 1.800.851.8424

Billing: 1.800.851.8978

Claims: 1.617.770.5391

Billing: 1.617.770.5100

Selective / Selective Flood RI Joint Quincy Mutual

Claims: 1.877.763.1800

Billing: 1.401.827.1800

Claims: 1-800-776-4737

Billing: 1-800-776-4737

Claims: 1.800.892.8877

Billing: 1.866.665.4992

Providence Mutual Progressive Philadelphia Insurance

Claims: 1.800.522.7152

Billing: 1.800.228.7830

Claims: 1.888.895.7725

Billing: 1.866.680.5508

Claims: 1.800.258.3574

Billing: 1.860.887.2898

Peerless Insurance Ohio Mutual Insurance New London County Mutual

Claims: 1.800.343.3375

Billing: 1.401.725.5600

Claims: 1.800.258.3574

Billing: 1.800.462.8182

Claims: 1.800.892.8877

Billing: 1.866.665.4992

Narragansett Bay Insurance Merchants Harleysville

Claims: 1.866.290.6833

Billing: 1.212.683.9700

Claims: 1.888.347.3428

Billing: 1.866.386.3932


Claims: 1.888.362.2255

Billing: 1.800.447.2295

Greater New York Insurance Fireman's Fund EMC

Claims: 1.888.895.7725

Billing: 1.866.680.5508

Claims: 1.888.886.4450

Billing: 1.888.886.4450

Claims: 1.800.272.3552

Billing: 1.800.272.3552

Casco Beacon Mutual Arbella

Claims: 1.800.541.1728

Billing: 1.888.925.7100

Claims: 1.800.222.2114

Billing: 1.800.222.2114

American Commerce Insurance American Europe Insurance