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Unique Business Insurance Options

When things get tough, many business owners look for ways to cut costs. If you decide to cut back on insurance, you could be making a fatal mistake. As a business owner, you have spent an incredible amount of time, money, and energy to build a company that you can be proud of. Unfortunately, without the proper insurance, your company could be susceptible to liability claims and damaging lawsuits. Be sure to reach out to our team of educated professionals when protecting your business.


Specialized Policies for You

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• Business Owner's Package

• General Liability

• Property Coverage  

• Worker's Compensation

• Inland Marine

• Commercial Auto Insurance

• Umbrella Insurance

• Flood Insurance

Any Type of Business

Our agency has prided ourselves in providing top-notch service to businesses throughout Southern New England over the past 80 years. Whether you're a contractor, property manager, non-profit group, or another growing business with unique insurance requirements, we have the resources and services to satisfy your business needs.


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